An introduction to the biological approach to abnormality an illness and disease

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Biological Approach

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Biological Approach Bipolar Disorder Essay

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An illness is the feelings and mental state someone has due to a disease. This is usually the way people measure the success of the treatments to cure the disease.

Illness can be caused by emotional distress and feelings, not just physical properties seen in disease. Biological and Psychological Models of Abnormality Introduction The many different models used to explain the nature and treatment of mental illness compound the problems of defining and classifying abnormal behaviour.

Five major schools of thought are summarised below. Proponents of the sociocultural approach tend to view abnormal behaviors as understandable consequences of social stresses in peoples lives. The biological approach to abnormality focuses on all of the following causes of abnormality.

The Biological Approach to explain abnormality The biological approach is also known as the biomedical model. The basic premise is that psychological abnormality has a physical cause such as illness or disease.

In later stages, basic biologic functions such as swallowing and visual interpretation are disturbed, all language abilities are lost, and a host of neurologic abnormalities develop, such as abnormal reflexes and seizures (Tariot, ).

A biological, psychological, or social vulnerability combines with a biological, psychological, or social trigger, causing a disorder to manifest. An individual experiences a minimal amount of psychological and social stress that creates an atmosphere for the emergence of a disorder.

AbnormalityModels An introduction to the biological approach to abnormality an illness and disease
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