An introduction to the game of chess played on a chessboard

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Game of life and chess

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Chess on an Infinite Plane

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Chess on an Effective Plane Introduction "Chess on an Infinite Favorite" is a chess three played on a chessboard of artificial size.

Avoid, if applicable, moving the same time twice. The Jarilo - Unique Wood Chess Set, Pieces, Chess Board & Storage The Jarilo - Elegant and Stylish High in the mystic Carpathian Mountains of Europe, home of the Dragon and the vampire myth, you will find artisans that draw deep from a wellspring of history dating back centuries, honoring the finest traditions in wood carving.

Chess is a two-player board game played on a chessboard, a square-checkered board with 64 squares arranged in an eight-by-eight grid.

Each player begins the game with sixteen pieces: one king, one queen, two rooks, two knights, two bishops, and eight pawns. Chess terminology: speaking the language of chess. Scorekeeping/notation (keeping track of a chess game).

How to Play Chess: Rules and Basics

Chess is one of the oldest games in the world, and may be the oldest board game. Viewable chess game Donald Byrne vs Robert James Fischer,with discussion forum and chess analysis features.

The time element and competition Origin of time controls.


The rise of competitive chess with the Bourdonnais-McDonnell match of and the London tournament of posed a question of fairness: should a player be allowed to take enormous amounts of time? Chess is a two-player strategy board game played on a chessboard, a checkered gameboard with 64 squares arranged in an 8×8 grid.

The game is played by millions of people worldwide. Chess is believed to have originated in India sometime before the 7th century.

History of chess

The game was derived from the Indian game chaturanga, which is also the likely ancestor of the Eastern strategy games xiangqi, janggi.

An introduction to the game of chess played on a chessboard
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