An introduction to the issue of baptism

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Baptism in early Christianity

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What Is Baptism?

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Baptism in early Christianity

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Baptism has been part of Christianity from the start, as shown by the many mentions in the Acts of the Apostles and the Pauline epistles. Nyangwira, who lived in Central Africa, did not consider baptism to be merely an option.

For more than a year she had eagerly studied the Bible. She longed to become a Christian. One evening she shared with her husband the things she had learned. Outraged, he shouted, "I don't want this kind of. The Oil of Catechumens ("Oleum Catechumenorum" or "Oleum Sanctum") used in Baptism along with water, in the consecration of churches, in the blessing of Altars, in the ordination of priests, and, sometimes, in the crowning of Catholic kings and queens.

by Brother Day, D.D. This article is intended as a basic overview of the ancient Essenes, and an invitation to participate in the modern Essene Church of Christ. Introduction. Many Christians have claimed that one cannot be saved without being baptized and cite the verse above as evidence.

Although baptism is an ordinance of the Christian Church and a command given to those who convert non-believers, Jesus never commanded baptism in order to be saved.

One of the Seven Sacraments of the Christian Church; frequently called the 'first sacrament', the 'door of the sacraments', and the 'door of the Church'.

An introduction to the issue of baptism
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