Introduction to applied blue ocean strategy

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Blue Ocean Strategy and its Implications for Businesses

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An Introduction to Blue Ocean Strategy

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UCSI University’s MBA with special focus in Blue Ocean Strategy is the first business credential of its kind in the world. Blue Ocean Strategy has transformed the way business is done globally and is recognised as the second most influential business idea by Thinkers 50 – a biennial global ranking of management thinkers.

I applied the blue ocean tools, including the three tiers of noncustomers tool, which is designed to clarify exactly who the noncustomers of an industry are, and why they don’t patronize that industry.

Blue Ocean strategy emphasizes revisiting the value added of various activities in the value chain. Key activities should have added value whilst other activities should have reduced value. Some activities should be eliminated and new activities should be introduced. Introduction 3 Unfortunately, it has also never been more difficult to choose the right approach.

The number of strategy tools and frameworks that leaders can choose Blue Ocean Strategy Ecosystem Strategy S-curve Co-opetition basic colors, if you will—which can be applied to.

Blue Ocean Strategy vs. Organization Performance Higher growth is a key goal of companies, governments, and societies (Lindič, Bavdaž, & Kovačič, ). Introduction Continuous integration, delivery, and deployment, known collectively as CI/CD, is an integral part of modern development intended to reduce errors during integration and deployment while increasing project velocity.

Introduction to applied blue ocean strategy
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